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Idle No More Victoria BC. Year end protest in pictures.

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It has been a long time since my last post!  My semester is finished and I finally have time to write something that I am not being graded on.  Not that I would expect anyone to read anything that I say without a critical lens.  I would be disappointed if that were the case.

It has been a busy couple of months and a lot of things have happened.  American elections, mass shootings, omnibus legislation, gun control, shady trade deals, attempted genocides, disastrous disaster relief, European general strikes, and the end of the Mayan Calendar just to name a few items that immediately come to mind.  It’s a lot, and arguably too much negativity on the global scale given that my last post was only in the first week of November.  Maybe it is the approach of 2013 but it feels like things are changing.  Negativity and hate are on the rise but are also accompanied by reactionary social awareness and action.  People are taking to the streets in greater numbers and at a greater frequency than I can remember.  Someone somewhere once said that things become more apparent as you immerse yourself in your reality.  Perhaps it is an increasingly critical political appraisal that comes with a personal struggle to understand what anarchism means to me that is bringing all of this action into focus or perhaps people everywhere have simply had enough.  It’s probably a little of the former and a lot of the latter.  We all have a personal and collective threshold of values which can and have seemingly been crossed for people all over the world.

Enough preamble.  I attended the Idle No More event yesterday (December 30) in Victoria BC and I wanted to share a few pictures of my last protest event of 2012.  The message is important, the weather was great, and so was the turnout.  It is always amazing witness the sense of community that emerges during such events.  The ongoing nature of Idle No More might actually give us a chance to foster this sense of community beyond the next rally, panel, action, etc., into something deservedly lasting.  Let’s hope.

I have a head cold right now and am wary of committing any more words to paper or screen so here are some pics for you.  Please ignore the time stamp. My camera is old and seems to think it is 2010.  I too found this alarming but thorough experimentation has revealed that my 8 mega pixle wonder is indeed NOT a time machine.  Alas


Happy New Years everyone

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Please Support And Be Supported By Your Local Anarchist Book Fair.

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There is no real book fair “season” in the anarchist world as individual events all over the globe will span every month of the year but my town will be hosting its own fair next weekend and it seems like a fortuitous time to spread a little love for some alternative press.

What is your mind’s eye conjuring right now?  Black on black on black attired political dissidents accented with pedal bikes, dreadlocks, leather and back patches, spouting anti-government propaganda and discussing how best to destroy the system?  You aren’t entirely wrong but anarchism is a huge umbrella term with no aesthetic reservations under which many many different groups and ideologies dwell.  Or at the very least it could be considered a kind of idealistic commons where many alternative worldviews comfortably overlap and intersect.

If you should choose to visit your local book fair you will be greeted by a sea of tables which offer a wealth of information on a variety of topics including but not limited to political activism (duh), local and global human rights issues, PSA’s around local hate activities, gardening, upcoming direct actions, bicycle repair, LGBT topics, and a sampling of your local activist organizations.  On top of this there are a variety of workshops offered that will serve to broaden perspectives and provide some tools for direct actions, allyship, anti-colonial/imperial frameworks, and environmental issues.  The book fair also presents a kind of political level ground so to speak.  You will encounter left and right libertarians, veganism as religion (being facetious here….kind of), individualists, voluntaryists, syndicalists,  and any number of other self applied political descriptors none of which reign supreme, resulting in a politically neutral (oxymoron’s anyone?) venue which one can explore without feeling pressured.

I would be amiss if I didn’t also mention that musical events are often a crucial component to a great book fair.  In my town we usually have some anarcho folk offerings and a night or two of Crust punk and Grind shows.  Your tastes might not be met but it is always interesting.

The necessary result of events like this are increased local solidarity, stronger extended networks and the generation of unique ideas and approaches to  goals that best emerge through the interaction of individuals and groups with different academic and experiential backgrounds and philosophies.  Please don’t be put off by media portrayals of anarchism and if you are new to community activism or fringe politics be assured that every group out there NEEDS you and will welcome any queries and interests that you may have.  The community is gaining strength and momentum but there is a lot of work to be done so come on out, explore and enjoy.

Image from Montreal book fair page,

Some links to various book fair resources:

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Share Inspiration as You Find It.

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I meant to drop a new post about a great book that I just finished reading and I was going to say all kinds of great things about it and it was going to be awesome…..but I kind of dropped the ball.  The work week was over, the sun was shining and the universe lured me away from the blog world and and other assorted social media. I ended up on my motorcycle and one thing lead to another. Before I knew it I had landed smack in the middle of a beautiful beach bordering the majestic and mighty Pacific Ocean.  Next week for sure.

While I haven’t followed the plan that I had set for myself this weekend I did, of course, dedicate some of my hard-won free time to trolling the internet for some novel finds.  I think I was pursuing some Anti-Olympic protest footage when I came across a killer video which features “Loukanikos” (translates from Greek into Sausage) who is also known as “Riot Dog”.  As the footage will show you, this dog is a walking, barking, hero meme who has apparently been present at various Greek protests over the last few years.  The footage in this particular video is from the anti IMF, EU riots of 2011.

Coming from Canada which is known for political apathy (not you Quebec) I always find that a good anti government protest video serves to lift the spirits. I also think that it is amazing that this apparently stray dog always seems to find his way to the right side of the police line, taking the beatings and tear gas and being a presence that obviously inspires those willing to stand up to their government and its police gang.  It also doesn’t hurt that the accompanying track, “Do Anything You Wanna Do”, by Eddie and the Hot Rods circa 1977 is a positively uplifting anti-establishment song.  For me the combination is a winner and I hope you enjoy it.

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