About Static_Animal

Static_Animal is a blog dedicated to Social Justice issues and luckily for me that encompasses most anything that you can think of granted there is a some margin available for inequality and exploitation to enter the equation.

I am a student of politics, sociology, philosophy, and geography but more importantly, I am a student of life.  Every experience is a valuable one and I value every idea that you may care to share with me.  I may not agree with you but I will always listen.  I have no tolerance for bigotry and find myself losing patience with those who would put forward philosophies that cannot be supported by argument.  If you can’t present me with a Conclusion supported by solid premises then I don’t really care to hear it.

I would consider myself an anarchist at heart.  Not a system smasher but a system resister.  It seems existentially criminal to just sit back and let someone else do the driving.  Biology has gifted you with some fantastic faculties.  Critical thought, autobiographical memory, and the ability to contemplate abstractions involving time and consequences.  BE CRITICAL and re-think everything.

I am located in the Pacific Northwest, have a penchant for sci-fi novels, Albert Camus, motorcycles, and my vegetable garden is an expression of a political worldview.  My academic areas of interest include discrimination in health care, the criminalization of poverty, surveillance and power dynamics and food studies.

This is my very first blog and though I had a somewhat slow start I am starting to find my voice and posts are occurring more regularly.   I will ideally be posting a new entry every week.  We will see if work, school, family, and volunteer work will let that happen.  If I find something that I like I may re-blog something in between original posts.

I appreciate your taking the time to check out my efforts and I look forward to hearing from you.




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