Check out this post from Cybernid. This article focuses exclusively on the Deep Web and she writes a great article.

Permalife: an FPS

It is well-known that when you see an iceberg in the ocean, you are only seeing about 10% of its total mass. The remaining 90% extends below the water’s surface reaching depths of 600 feet or more. The Internet is similar to an iceberg because only 10% of it is “visible” to most users. The part of the Web that is invisible to conventional search engines and is inaccessible through traditional browsers is called the “deep Web.” Like the depths of the ocean, the deep Web is a little known world that contains dazzling and shocking creations as well as vast swaths of emptiness.

The deep Web evades the notice of the majority of traditional search engines. Even though Google may seem ubiquitous and omnipotent when running a search that produces millions of results, it is unable to reach the majority of websites online. Search engines, such as Google, Yahoo!…

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