Shell Oil, Arctic Scourge

Well, Shell Oil are up to their tricks again.  They are not hiring mercenary killers to quash resistant locals this time around but they do want to come one step closer to killing us all with their recent Arctic Drilling project.  I am being melodramatic but you can only disrupt the ecology of the planet so much before we experience the threshold effect where there is no turning back from our consciously executed mistakes.  Oil makes the world go round but it seems that the exploration for black gold should maaaaybe  be halted at the periphery of the ecosystem (overly simple use of the term I know) which serves as the most prominent example of human induced climate change.  The fossil fuel/climate change correlation is pretty much a given these days and if you are still not able to handle cold hard scientific fact then perhaps its time to go QUIETLY back your flat earth maps and creationist museum travel pamphlets.

In The News,

Greenpeace have done their part today, shutting down 74 petrol stations in Edinburgh and London.

Check out the reporting of Greenpeace’s latest exploits here via the Guardian:

The recent exploits have also blackened the public eye of Shell Oil via an online social activism/pranksterism campaign destined to stir up some controversy with Shells’ legal and PR departments.

The formatting of this site looks pretty slick and MANY have mistaken it for official Shell output…..which is ridiculous but also illustrates how much we need activity like this.

Check out some of a pretty killer “art campaign” here:

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