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Share Inspiration as You Find It.

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I meant to drop a new post about a great book that I just finished reading and I was going to say all kinds of great things about it and it was going to be awesome…..but I kind of dropped the ball.  The work week was over, the sun was shining and the universe lured me away from the blog world and and other assorted social media. I ended up on my motorcycle and one thing lead to another. Before I knew it I had landed smack in the middle of a beautiful beach bordering the majestic and mighty Pacific Ocean.  Next week for sure.

While I haven’t followed the plan that I had set for myself this weekend I did, of course, dedicate some of my hard-won free time to trolling the internet for some novel finds.  I think I was pursuing some Anti-Olympic protest footage when I came across a killer video which features “Loukanikos” (translates from Greek into Sausage) who is also known as “Riot Dog”.  As the footage will show you, this dog is a walking, barking, hero meme who has apparently been present at various Greek protests over the last few years.  The footage in this particular video is from the anti IMF, EU riots of 2011.

Coming from Canada which is known for political apathy (not you Quebec) I always find that a good anti government protest video serves to lift the spirits. I also think that it is amazing that this apparently stray dog always seems to find his way to the right side of the police line, taking the beatings and tear gas and being a presence that obviously inspires those willing to stand up to their government and its police gang.  It also doesn’t hurt that the accompanying track, “Do Anything You Wanna Do”, by Eddie and the Hot Rods circa 1977 is a positively uplifting anti-establishment song.  For me the combination is a winner and I hope you enjoy it.

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A Plug For Some Upcoming Direct Action Against Enbridge in British Columbia

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As you may or may not know, the Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline project which will facilitate continuous transport of Alberta oil extractions across B.C. with a coastal link-up to a proposed northern Tanker route is underway in B.C. and Alberta .  Canada, while revelling in first world excess, does so by engaging a third world type of economy largely based on the sale of raw natural resources.  Canada also seems to enjoy celebrating a historically spotty relationship with its First Nations population by placing large-scale extraction and fabrication projects in as close a proximity to existing communities as possible.  There is no better example of this than theAamjiwnaang First Nation located in Ontario.  The Aamjiwnaang,  whose territory is surrounded by 46 chemical/processing plants presents us with what is possibly the first documented case (on earth) of human endocrine disruption.

Read about the Aamjiwnaang First Nation here:

The Wet’suwet’en First Nation is calling for support in the efforts to halt the devastation that will accompany yet another Canadian social/environmental tragedy.  A caravan has been organized which will provide transport to and from Victoria/Vancouver beginning August 4th and ending on August 13th.  The cost of participation is minimal, physical protest is immensely valuable, and the workshops on action and traditional skills would be great as well.

The details of the Caravan and action can be found here:

Check out an interactive map of the proposed pipeline here:

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Shell Oil, Arctic Scourge

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Well, Shell Oil are up to their tricks again.  They are not hiring mercenary killers to quash resistant locals this time around but they do want to come one step closer to killing us all with their recent Arctic Drilling project.  I am being melodramatic but you can only disrupt the ecology of the planet so much before we experience the threshold effect where there is no turning back from our consciously executed mistakes.  Oil makes the world go round but it seems that the exploration for black gold should maaaaybe  be halted at the periphery of the ecosystem (overly simple use of the term I know) which serves as the most prominent example of human induced climate change.  The fossil fuel/climate change correlation is pretty much a given these days and if you are still not able to handle cold hard scientific fact then perhaps its time to go QUIETLY back your flat earth maps and creationist museum travel pamphlets.

In The News,

Greenpeace have done their part today, shutting down 74 petrol stations in Edinburgh and London.

Check out the reporting of Greenpeace’s latest exploits here via the Guardian:

The recent exploits have also blackened the public eye of Shell Oil via an online social activism/pranksterism campaign destined to stir up some controversy with Shells’ legal and PR departments.

The formatting of this site looks pretty slick and MANY have mistaken it for official Shell output…..which is ridiculous but also illustrates how much we need activity like this.

Check out some of a pretty killer “art campaign” here:

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Cellular Phones, Convenient Communication and Your Invisible Leash.

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Thinking about taking your cell with you to the next direct action or mass civil disobedience event?  Please reconsider.

The following article from Peter Maas and Megha Rajagopalan at ProPublica entitled, “That’s No Phone, That’s My Tracker“, provides an effective warning about how your cell phone is now better considered as your personal tracking device and that to continue regarding this device as your ‘phone’ might be a touch….simple.  One professor referenced in the article goes so far as consider them as robots which take in and communicate with the world with us (owners) acting as a vehicle for the device.  These robots log and store a LOT of potentially sensitive information.  Location, activity, communications, preferences, and travel patterns are all stored and surrendered to various agencies with an increasing frequency that SHOULD be making you squirm.

Rather than republishing the article I am providing a direct link to the original ProPublica content here:

The average persons social reporting or activities are not likely to land them in jail or have the eye of the government look twice (No bragging about your tax evasion, or Terabyte Pirate Bay exploits now), but do you really want to be a willing accomplice to the “frictionless” accumulation of your personal information?  The eerie feeling that you are being watched (you really are being watched), will be eased by a corporate salve of streamlined advertising and a slew of new apps designed to keep your head down.  With releases like “Turf Wars” via itunes, Companies like Apple aren’t even trying to hide this application of your device anymore.  Making a game of tracking your location? Scary stuff.  An informal statistic that I located on a user forum for this game stated that roughly a year ago there were 4.2 million accounts with 1.8 million active users.  That is a LOT of information.

Jean-Paul Sartre philosophized that we only becomes aware of ourselves when subjected to the gaze of another.  With this many eyes around you could easily visualize a hyper paranoid populace too uncomfortable in their own skins to function socially rather than the eager igeneration waiting for the next Foursquare or Angry Birds experience.

Please be aware and safe with your information.

For the sake of being thorough here are the links regarding  GPS gaming example:

Turf Wars via itunes,

User stats for Turf Wars,

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Online Security, Safety for the Mobile Activist

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I would like to post a brief addendum to my last blog entry which focused on anonymous blogging.  The following article presented by “Access”, a group dedicated to furthering digital freedom and human rights in the 21st century, is an informative guide regarding online security.  Smart usage of Web browsers, proxies, social networking sites, and mobile devices are all discussed in detail.

Image taken from

Link to the text only article, “A Practical Guide to Protecting Your Identity and Security Online and When Using Mobile Phones” can be found here:

This page also contains options for pdf downloads with at least one non-English selection

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