Government Surveillance and Flying Stealth With Anonymous Blogging

Your voice might seem to be a small one, easily lost against the noisy backdrop of free speech, but rest assured that as a blogger, the government is worried about what you have to say.  A critical eye can spot the big money bias in popular news media and likewise identify the counterpoint presented by alternative reporting  in the blogging community  as a real threat to mainstream news services via provision of realistic personal reporting of controversial current events to the viewing masses.  More than ever before people can communicate in real-time, effectively dissipating media and government smokescreens of misinformation.

Is the blogging threat real?  As of right now there are 446 918 bloggers on WordPress alone with  932 289 new posts (today)  and 1.6 million comments.  There is a lot of fluff in there to be sure and I am sure that the CIA isn’t homing in on the perpetrators of the newest food photography blog extrordinaire but you can bet that there is a lot of perspective validated by personal experience and insight that stands contrary to whatever whitewashed swill FOX News and CNN will dropping in your lap tonight.

So why would anyone want to blog anonymously when the this particular media might be the key to leveling the reporting on controversial issues?  I live in Canada where dissident voice and action seemingly have no effect on the socio/political/environmental suicide run the Harper government has initiated for our country and rarely draw any kind of serious retaliation, but this is not the case for many other people.  Naomi Klein’s 2007, “Shock Doctrine” serves as a prime example of what government/intelligence (not necessarily synonymous) retaliation against dissidents can look like in social climates where liberty and opinion are obviously coveted by the masses but not constitutionally protected.  We are provided with instances of people being exiled, tortured, mutilated, or “disappeared” by government sanctioned enforcement agencies.  In North America we are still relatively safe in expressing ourselves in the public arena but the American government is zealously pursuing various avenues to rein in the freedom currently enjoyed by the  online information world.  What’s a radical blogger to do?  Educate and protect yourself.

The “Handbook for Bloggers and Cyber-Dissidents” is a great reference on how to establish your blog, increase your traffic, and how to go about your blogging business anonymously should you feel yourself to be in a precarious position.

The Tweet that got me there:

An article of introduction:

And finally, the handbook itself.  Scribd may make you create an account but its free and they offer some pretty cool content.

Check out the summary for “The Shock Doctrine” by Naomi Klein here:

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