While You Were Clicking Your Way to a Clearer Social Conscience

The government wants you to miss an inspirational moment in Canadian history and the media is cooperating. The 100 day long student protest in Quebec has transformed into a half million strong movement (physical bodies, not Internet activists), who have been in the street every day, flouting anti civil rights laws and taking the Government to court. And for all the people who don’t like the bitching of whiny students who already have the lowest tuition in Canada; The goal of the action has evolved into free education as a basic right.  As student debt is shaping up to be our generations millstone, effectively rendering us eternally indebted renters unable to pursue a very basic life path (school, nicer car, house, a nicer house, and enough savings to pay for the deposit on the first homes of your kids once you croak)  that society tells us we need, this is a very important  movement and we need to pay attention.

A couple of interesting articles:



Free education is a great idea, especially at the post secondary level as this is often the financial stumbling block that deters some academic hopefuls and this is the arena where young minds are exposed to a wide array of ideas resulting in a greater chance for personal, professional, and artistic cultivation that may not be readily apparent or available otherwise.  A possible remedy to the already apparent academic inflation that subtracts from the value of an undergraduate degree and forces many into Masters and PhD programs to stay competitive (though competition is healthy) might be to award education based on performance.  The obvious flaw to this model is the existence of social and financial variables that result in some students reaching the post secondary arena as more efficient students  than others but a sliding scale of tuition based on academic performance would serve to cultivate a strong student body and ensure that resources are put to the most effective use and possibly help to keep a consistent output of graduates but perhaps not more so than the job market can utilize.


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